Poster of thriller films

Black Swan: The image used features the main Protagonist in the film. It takes up alot of the page by being placed in a very central position this indicates that the story is focused on this character. The formal elegant style of the font against the contrasting background conforms to the thriller genre: drama, this mirrors a possible dark and intense storyline. This film poster uses dark colors in the background to match with the title “black swan.” Also, Natalie Portman is displayed in light colours signifying that she is the ‘Light in the darkness. The crack down her face … Continue reading Poster of thriller films

Opening Credits Order:

The important structure of opening credits in a film Opening credits are a functional creative part of movies. Telling the audience who is in the movie, as well as other known talent such as writers, directors and composers, sets the mood and scenes for what’s to come. Each movie is its own unique project and each film marker may have their own preferred organisational structure. The opening credits proceed through a list of the most important contributors to the film, starting from the least important, ending with the most important. On a movies budget top sheet there is two divided … Continue reading Opening Credits Order:

Opening Sequences

Fight Club:   There is a conventional mise-en-scene while the camera visually travels through the human body the viewers are exposed to blue thunderbolts, which develop to a confusion of the mind and off balancing of the mental psych. Also, the film begins from the inside of the character’s body which demonstrates that the actions with decisions making by the character will affect him internally throughout the film.  The editing of this opening sequence is quite repetitive with the many scenes used to create continuity with all the names of the cast, from behind the scenes to the others; are coming … Continue reading Opening Sequences

Audiences for different genres:

Adventure:  This genre is fiction that generally presents danger, or gives the audiences a sense of enthusiasm with excitement. An adventure storyline is about a protagonist who journeys to epic or distant places to accomplish something. It can have many other genre themes as well as elements including Justice, Reason vs. faith coming of age and sacrifice because it is a very open genre, the protagonist has a mission and faces obstacles to get to their destination.   Also adventure films were intended to appeal mainly to men and young boys, with creating major male heroic stars through the years I.e. Indiana Jones … Continue reading Audiences for different genres:


Sound is a powerful and effective film technique that can affect, indicate and mould the audience on how you judge certain characters an example is, if the music soundtrack in the beginning of a film portrays a character as a hero or a leader the tempo would be yet if the music changes tempo he could be perceived a villain.  Sound effects: Is a recorded sound that can be added to visuals in the editing process as well as other than speech or music that is which is included in the soundtrack to enhance and boost the narrative or make a … Continue reading Sound

Thriller directors:

Alfred Hitchcock:  Alfred Hitchcock is an english film director and producer who is famous for his pioneering of suspense in the thriller genre in particular psychological thriller films. Moreover Hitchcock has his own unique style of “Hitchcockian” which entails the use of camera movement to mimic a person’s gaze, therefore turning views into voyeurism as well as framing shots to magnify anxiety, paranoia and fear. Hitchcock also made cameo appearances like a motif trademark of all directors in most of his films.  Hitchcock started appearing in his own films quite early in his directing career initially since extras were needed … Continue reading Thriller directors:

Film classification

It is their duty to ensure in order to give insight for the audience about what film it’s going to be as well as how suitable it will be based on their age the age restrictions are based on certain criteria due to discrimination, violence, easily limital behavior, language used, nudity and sex and overall context in the film.  They’re is six different age categories: U– universal: Is universal and all audience should be suitable to watch it, since the themes that are addressed in the new films are following a positive framework. The language used is mild because the BBFC … Continue reading Film classification

Codes and conventions of inception & two other thriller films

A Thriller is a genre of fiction, having numerous, often overlapping subgenres. Thrillers are characterised and defined by the moods they provoke, giving viewers heightened feelings of suspense, excitement, paranoia, surprise, anticipation and anxiety. Successful examples of thrillers are the films of Alfred Hitchcock.The genre of a film determines how the film will be presented, the cast involved (as some actors and actresses are often frequently used as audiences recognise them and relate them to the specific genres with the overall storyline. The thriller genre has been widely successful within cinema and has many codes and conventions that every writer and director follow without a shadow of doubt. When creating a thriller … Continue reading Codes and conventions of inception & two other thriller films