Thriller directors:

Alfred Hitchcock: 

Alfred Hitchcock is an english film director and producer who is famous for his pioneering of suspense in the thriller genre in particular psychological thriller films. Moreover Hitchcock has his own unique style of “Hitchcockian” which entails the use of camera movement to mimic a person’s gaze, therefore turning views into voyeurism as well as framing shots to magnify anxiety, paranoia and fear. Hitchcock also made cameo appearances like a motif trademark of all directors in most of his films. 

Hitchcock started appearing in his own films quite early in his directing career initially since extras were needed to fill crowd scenes and before an event is about to occur. As time went on his distinctly shaped profile managed to appear in almost all his work cleverly by appearing at the beginning of films while scene transitions. Alfred Hitchcock most famous films are ‘North by northwest’ (1959), ‘Vertigo’ (1958) and ‘Psycho’ (1960) in these films he has established a bond between him and the audience by explain in articles that, ‘my purpose is as I have indicated purely sinister’. Which indicates that he is shaping and ultimately manipulating the narrative which will keep them anxious and confused at the same time while giving you a little hint that will make you start to enjoy the film.

Christopher Nolan: 

Christopher Nolan is an english- American screenwriter, cinematography, editor and producer. Nolan’s films are centred around self identity, self destruction moral choice  and moral doubt. If we should trust our perceptions of what’s real and struggling to create an identity and moral purpose for themselves. His thought provoking plotlines non-linear storytelling, creates an intense anticipation for his audience throughout his films, especially with unconventional special effects.

From time to time he uses editing as a method to symbolise the characters psychological state of mind through a contrast of light and darkness to explore the characters downfall or growth progression; he does this with film techniques I.e flash forward as well as flashbacks to enhance the scenes and give clarity in his plot-lines. One of his most effective ways that makes him a well known director in the thriller genre is by taking popular genres (war, sci-fi, mysteries, superheroes and thrillers) and change the framework to his style the inspires other directors who like to study film and the history of cinema I.e Quentin Tarantino who will purse and challenge new tricks in old genres to with films such as Once upon a time in Hollywood.

William Harris: 

William Thomas Harris lll is a director and did not invent the serial killer novel, nevertheless he gave it an elevation. His best work is the interconnected novels “Red Dragon”, Hannibal, Hannibal rising and “The Silence of the Lambs”  displays a level of imagination that observes a chronicler of the public’s darkest impulses. More than that, these are sadistic films in which horrific acts are committed with subtle, sympathetic portraits of the damaged souls who commit them. In Harris’s hands, the roots of incomprehensible violence become shockingly, often heartbreakingly clear.

Harris began his career as a crime writer for the Associated Press in the early 1970s. His debut as a novelist was the 1975 publication of “Black Sunday.” A bestseller in the mode of Frederick Forsyth, it remains the odd man out in Harris’s modest body of work. Even though he is mysterious and keeps a low profile in the fame realm he is unnerved by the creation of his most famous charismatic villain Hannibal, which changed pop culture in the 1980s.

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