Welcome to my AS Media studies blog, i have established as well as provided you with; entertainment with my psycho-thriller opening, then evaluated valued information covering media: genres, codes and conventions psychological thriller directors that will indicate the studies that i am creating for this blog as an important part of my coursework, i hope you find the content motivating and though provoking. i decided to do research individually, however planning with filming was decided to be shared responsibility with my group.

In one way or another i will be conducting my research that has informed the process of pre-production the following categories site: pre-production, post production and production of my opening sequence. Furthermore we operated as a team of three, my skill set, experience and knowledge acquired in year 10 and year 11 is with media which supported my acting and editing skills. If you have a inquisitive interest for media or psycho-thrillers I hope you find this blog inspring.