Film classification

It is their duty to ensure in order to give insight for the audience about what film it’s going to be as well as how suitable it will be based on their age the age restrictions are based on certain criteria due to discrimination, violence, easily limital behavior, language used, nudity and sex and overall context in the film. 

They’re is six different age categories:

U– universal: Is universal and all audience should be suitable to watch it, since the themes that are addressed in the new films are following a positive framework. The language used is mild because the BBFC guidelines states language and discriminatory behavior needs to be a permitted standard or it will be disapproved. Nudity and sex must not be included only mild and undetailed sex referenced are accepted. The violence portrayed within the film must be mild and shown within an acceptable context. With references to illegal drugs or drug misuse must be uncommon and safe, or have a clear educational commitment or anti-drug message that comes across suitable for young children. Potential dangerous or anti-social behavior which young children may imitate must be disapproved.

Cindrella (U)

Snow- white (U)

PG- Parental guidance: 

Children over the age of eight years old shouldn’t be distressed or troubled, however if a part of the film becomes a concern for them they will be accompanied with an adult. Circumstances such as racism, bullying and family problems. Mild bad language can be used as long as its occasionally used and the context its used in. Furthermore, sexual references shouldn’t be used in detail and be rarely used in the scenes, references to drugs, danger, violence and bad behavior anti-social or discriminatory behavior may be used as long as they keep with the guidelines of not being used in depth repeatedly throughout the film to not dishearten the audience. 

Sonic the hedgehog (PG)

I still believe (PG)

12 And 12A: 

Anyone under the age of 12 is not allowed to watch the film, whereas 12A allows 12-year-old to watch this rated film by being accompanied by an adult parent/guardian. The severe language that can be used in these movies can be used moderately, however if profanity is used during violence the film rating will increase the guideline to a certificated 15 film. Themes off discrimination, drugs could be presented and racism or homophobic behavior which is always condemned; not shown in full depth. Dangerous and anti-social behavior will be shown although not be glamorised and will be censured. 

Sex references are discreet and disguised instead of an in-depth scene, nudity is allowed in this rating yet any graphic sex will not be approved and censured. Also, an often comedy is used as a dramatic technique to minimise the impact of sexual innuendos or moderate sexual references. Violence in several films are likely to appear however still within guidelines; mild horror films can be classified in this category however little to no detail is allowed to be expanded because no graphic scene will be shown or glamorised. 

Spiderman (12)

Dark water (12)


This clarifies anyone under the age is not permitted to watch this film rating no themes are prohibited however they must be in context. Yet multiple use of strong language and themes of discrimination are common the film must not endorse it. The violence and horror in 15 films can be cruel and the themes can contain gore with violence and sexual violence. Also, with use of drugs and dangerous behavior is usual in this category however no endorsement or glamourisation will be approved. Also use of drugs can vary on the context in the film gaging its realism, sexual references can be seen length in this category as well as no threshold on nudity in a non-sexual approach. While, the framework does state over graphic and crude sexual references must be justified or will be passed as a rated 18 guideline. 

Bad boys for life (15)

1917 (15)


This simplifies anyone under the age 18 will not be allowed to see the film, in this category all problems can be addressed without any discretions so long as its within law. Tough strong language, discriminatory, racism or homophobic language is acceptable with graphic sex and full nudity is permitted in the 18 framework nevertheless as long as it’s not a sex work film. Strong violence is a common theme in an 18-film including excessive gore and explicit horror with open use of drugs without an endorsement. By covering all themes bad behavior and ant-social is used heavy with caution and the BBFC can disapprove any harsh scenes that compose a threat or danger to the audience.

The wolf of wall street (18)

Training Day (18)


These films are only released in specialised cinemas because they contain scenes of predominantly for explicit works of consenting strong sexual or strong material with only adults. This Film category will include video works that will be supplied to adults only in licensed and approved sex shops.

These films represent the categories R18: Secretary and Basic instinct

Classifying my own opening sequence:


Based on the research I have conducted from the BBFC and additional help on filmsite. Mild violence with disclaimer of no endorsement or glamourising will be included in my trailer and with no sexual references and no nudity with No strong language, no drug use.